Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation Announces New USPA Director Gavin Payne

Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation

Yesterday, it was announced that Mr. Gavin Payne will become the new director for USP Policy & Advocacy (USPA), when he begins working in his new role for the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation as of November 11th of this year.

Mr. Payne’s impressive credentials include national education policy consultancy and strategic counsel, as well as advocacy and technical support that is utilized by states governments and organizations in an attempt to transform state education agencies. Educating educators is what it really is all about, by helped to buildĀ coalitions that implement college coursework or career-ready educational standards as part of each state curriculum.

Prior to working as a consultant, Payne served for more than seven years within the California Department of Education as the Chief Deputy State Superintendent of Public Instruction, a role he was promoted to after working diligently as the Chief of Staff for the California State Senate Majority Caucus Chair.

His specific skill set and experience working in many aspects of State government make him uniquely qualified to move the USPA forward as it continues to take action, harnessing the government and private contributions to the evolution of the American educational system. We wish him luck in these endeavors and look forward to progress being made as the nation continues to find new ways to properly support its most precious resource.