Ken Hutto Brings Philanthropic Spirit To Lakeland Florida

Ken Hutto is a perfect example. Many know him from his work at Hutto & Associates, where he and his team of CPA’s and Attorneys provide commercial services to many in the Lakeland Florida area. However, when you look deeper at the man himself, you find that his business success is really just a way for Mr. Hutto to fuel his philanthropic endeavors.×169.jpg

Shawn Boday Helps Make Kids Wishes Come True

Shawn Boday

Mr. Boday is the President of PerDay LLC, a Pacific Northwest based real estate investment firm that focuses on funding and developing affordable housing options for the swelling populations in the Seattle Washington, Portland Oregon, Iowa and Montana regions of the country.

To learn more about the Make-A-Wish foundation, or to get involved by donating your own contributions please visit the Make-A-Wish Donations page directly, or if you would like to get involved and put your time to excellent use for the benefit of children recovering from tragedies, check out their Ways To Help page to get connected to the local chapter in your area or national organization as well. It really is a lot easier than you think, to help make wishes come true like Shawn Boday!

Greg Alves Continues His Campaign For A Cure

Greg Alves And Wendy Alves

Greg Alves is an angel investor and entrepreneur with a long track record of charitable action. While he is always quick to defer attention away from himself in an attempt to refocus the conversation onto the charities themselves.

K2 Dynamics

k2 Dynamics

K2 Dynamics specializes in generating brand awareness and marketing momentum by establishing in-person connections among key decision makers at trade