The Giving Pledge Brings Philanthropists Together Under One Roof

The Giving Pledge

The organization called The Giving Pledge ( was formed as a concerted effort to address some difficult challenges and problems facing society today. The purpose is to ask the world’s most wealthy persons and families to commit to giving more than half of their wealth to philanthropic or charitable causes. This can be done during their lifetimes, after their death in the form of a will, or a combination of both. While this effort originally was focused on the United States, support has grown and pledges now come in from people all over the world.

Bringing to the public eye the names, faces and stories of those who take philanthropy and charitable gifts seriously is how Giving Pledge helps to spark conversation. One stated goal is in fact to talk about giving in such a way that it creates an atmosphere that helps draw more people into the giving spirit. Many noteworthy persons and families such as Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren Buffet, Paul Allen and many others are already participating.

An annual event held to share ideas and learn from each other is another way that progress is made. This pledge does not go to any one specific cause or organization, but rather encourages signatories to find their own unique way to personally benefit all of society. The pledge is of course a moral commitment and in no way constitutes a legal document.