Greg Alves and Wendy Alves Take Action To Cure Multiple Sclerosis

Greg Alves And Wendy Alves

Entrepreneurs are usually some of the busiest people on the planet, especially angel investors who are directly involved with incubating new start-ups, establishing new companies and funding the kind of innovations that become important parts of all of our lives. That’s why it is particularly impressive that Greg and Wendy Alves still manage to set time aside to work on charitable endeavors as well.

“We see our own success as an opportunity to enrich the lives of others, and are very excited by the terrific work that the National MS Society does each year” said Greg Alves. “I’m not a scientist, so there isn’t much I would be able to do on my own about this insidious disease, but helping to fund research and putting my efforts to work behind the scenes, so that the terrific research being done by the people of the can continue to go full speed ahead is something I can definitely do. For Wendy and I, this is more than just an obligation, we are passionate about the possibilities of modern medicine, and we are confident that some of these ailments will become a thing of the past during our lifetime.”

Thanks in large part to charitable donors like Greg Alves and Wendy Alves, there are now 15 therapies specifically approved for treating and managing MS, and more potential MS therapies in development today than at any other time in history. MS is also more quickly diagnosed, enabling early and sustained therapy to slow disease activity. There is much greater awareness of the many symptoms of MS and ways to address them to improve quality of life and scientists are making breakthroughs in identifying risk factors that can increase a person’s susceptibility to MS, which will help lead to ways to prevent the disease.

“The hardest part of taking action with any charity is waiting impatiently to see new breakthroughs and real world results” said Wendy Alves. “We understand the importance of being patient and being part of a consistent campaign to cure MS, but that doesn’t make it any easier to watch days go by while people afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis hang on to hope that a cure will be announced in time for them to take part in a new therapy that may give them comfort, extend their lives or restore their health completely.”