NFL Breast Cancer Screening Campaign Gets Results In Funding And Awareness From Fans

The NFL Breast Cancer Awareness programs are having a major impact according to a recent report published by the NFL detailing the financial contributions and awareness metrics that are being monitored as the program continues to improve from year to year.

Some of the NFL Breast Cancer Campaign statistics are destined to put a smile on your face. To date their charitable action has already raised more than 3 million dollars in funding for the American Cancer Society, and the Crucial Catch campaign to promote awareness of the disease has reached more than 150 Million viewers including 58 million women age 18 and older.

The campaign’s message is making a real impact as 64% of NFL female fans and 61% of all NFL fans now identify the importance of annual breast cancer screenings, especially for women over 40, as the key message of the A Crucial Catch campaign according to market research conducted for the NFL.

We applaud the efforts of America’s Game, the 32 teams that also contribute independent efforts to support the cause, The NFL Players Association and the players themselves who have proven that simply wearing something pink can help to move society forward if it done in a unified, constructive and persistent way.