is kit fisto alive

He was just being stupid and didn't kill them when he could've. Looking to replace RG with Kit Fisto. Kit Fisto Lightsaber Master add 25% chance to call a clone to assist on each attack. Kit Fisto is alive. Kit Fisto. Re: Qui-Gon vs Kit Fisto on September 27th 2019, 5:38 pm @O-Siri wrote: Yeah Maul got injured by Sand People ... oh wait that never happened, Maul toyed with one, had a standoff with the rest and retreated back to his ship without a fight. So did all my friends. He can, that's the only reason he lasted a bit longer against Palpatine. I can't say kits showing against palpating is anthing to brag about since he blocked like 2 strikes in a half asses manner. The Jedi and his former padawan Nahdar Vebb enter the cyborg general's lair while on the trail of an escaped prisoner. Is Kit Fisto Dead? Sidious is likely holding back in the fight with Windu. Im not impressed yet with what he has. His attack was meant as much to demoralize them as to defeat them. Maul is probably more skilled than Kit Fisto, judging by how long he survived not being defeated by Sidious. Im not buying the Vader bandwagon that so many are easy to jump on when comparing him to Canon Kit Fisto till we get more feats of what this early Canon rebuilt Vader is capable of doing. And before anyone states he needed them alive, he did not. Most of my top 10 consists of Aoe speed teams. Kit Fisto a nautoli fajba tartozik, kiváló Jedi mester a Csillagok háborújában. Star Wars is an American epic space opera franchise, created by George Lucas and centered around a film series that began with the eponymous 1977 movie. although it does also kind of look like his saber is just being turned off maybe he just lost control of it and it faded out. Fisto is bellow Kenobi, not much but still. 2009's TCW [F/S1] Kit Fisto (No. My assumption fits the episode context and answers the question perfectly. I grasped the little bits of the carpet and dragged myself to the window on the left. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Help!" But yes, off topic. Már a Geonosison is megmutatta tehetségét, hősiesen vezette az egyik klón századot. The masters accompanying Windu fell, aye. Second rate. Fisto battles Grievous in a fierce duel and emerges alive from the lair, taking Vebb's lightsaber from the general before he escapes. I barely could hold on to life. Et cela, que vous ayez une fille ou un garçon, un adolescent comme un bébé. But nope. Versatile Jedi Attacker with multi-attack, Counter Chance, and a variety of ally buffs. Is kit fisto alive from the force thingy that makes you a ghost? "It doesn't..." Agen Kolar swayed. ALOT of assumption, and I will agree to disagree from there. Because of this he was well liked and his positive attitude easily spread to those around him (almost like a pseudo Battle Meditation) . I always thought this fight from the Clone Wars displayed some of Sidious' power and speed. As for Vaders fight against the rebels I completely disagree but its whatever. @waynewilsonslade: If by easy owning them, you mean he was made to look like a chump with Walkers ontop of him in the end, then yes, he owned them easily. Despite all of this, Fisto stayed alive substantially longer than his fallen comrades Agen and Saesee, and would've stayed along longer had Anakin not arrived and threw off his focus. @Underachiever599 wrote:Can we really put Fisto above Gallia just because of his showing against Sidious?I mean, come on. Sometime around the beginning of the war, Vebb completed his training in his Master's absence and ascended to the rank of Jedi Knight. he did look like he started cutting his own head off. It might be the best-written Star Wars novel, and it's just a hell of a book on its own. Sidious is likely holding back in the fight with Windu. From the control room, Fisto witnessed his former Padawan's death, and although grief-stricken, he was able to make it to the castle's south landing platform, where his Delta-7B starfighter was waiting. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I remember my Thread of Revan vs Canon Palpatine, and those guys reamed me on arguing the canon of the movie novels when they pull feats from it. Though the two Jedi leaped to safety, Fil and the only other surviving clone fell toward a molten incinerator vat. @acer51: I'm aware of both of their feats, but I'm talking Rebels Vader here. Kit Fisto. In 46 BBY, two-year-old Aayla Secura was discovered on Ryloth to be strong in the Force during a mission undertaken by the young Quinlan Vos, the Kiffar Padawan of Jedi Master Tholme. Supposed to be a wreck? If you continune to choose to not believe that is fine, but the context of the episode is blatant. Versatile Jedi Attacker with multi-attack, Counter Chance, and a variety of ally buffs. "If you only knew," he said softly, perhaps speaking to the Jedi Masters, or perhaps to himself, or perhaps even to the scarlet blade lifted now as though in mocking salute, "how long I have been waiting for this...". This is awesome, and I was actually fudging right 6 months ago! Kit Fisto endures a grueling battle in the lair of General Grievous. He retreated to his control room and lost the Republic's team.Fisto killed the general's medical droid and sat in the general chair, before witnessing his former padawan's painful death. Then when he slashes at Kit Fisto it seems like all he did was slash at his lightsaber and Kit fell down. Plo deserved better. He should've sensed something was wrong, evaded and destroyed a few ships before being overwhelmed. Looking to add him to my arena team. Power 29218; Speed 140; Health 32,345 Only one or two of them can actually go toe-to-toe with Luke for more than a second or two. 253. Even when I was like 8 i knew the names Kit Fisto and Plo Koon! Murder! Your comparison is actually very much in opposition of your point. "This is murder, you Jedi traitors! Maul is probably more skilled than Kit Fisto, judging by how long he survived not being defeated by Sidious. @sirfizzwhizz: Uh, no. Neither would ever conceivably be a threat to him and letting them go to tell how they got their ass handed to them and barely survived to spread fear among the rebels is the better play for him. 2) Dantele benzer süsleri olan bir tür kuma ş. Given Vader has been hunting various rebel cells for quite some time, it could have been standard protocol (if anything, I recall Hera even saying it was standard protocol), so Vader likely would have assumed Kanan, being the Jedi, was the one that knew the location. I'm not actually sure how, maybe from some PS2 games but we all knew those Jedi were badass. Power 26941; Speed 140; Health 32,345 What is based on more what ifs? Kolar and Tiin closed on Palpatine, blocking the path to the door. We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. Fisto battles Grievous in a fierce duel and emerges alive from the lair, taking Vebb's lightsaber from the general befor he escapes. Vader did not need either Jedi alive, and it would been better on his end to kill them then and there, and follow the ship to the Rebels. With no prior experience, Kyle Dennis decided to invest in stocks. Fisto blocked three strikes and died when he tried to strike back.Sure, it's better than either Agen Kolar or Saesee Tiin, who both died before either could get a single swing in. It was Anakin's story, and we got that. Imo vader seemed to be toying with kannan and ezra. I will let others address the amp thing. He's one of the few pilots that can rival Anakin and Tiin. As mentioned Vader was literally tossing around and smacking Ezra and Kannan (obviously Vader isn't going to kill Ezra and Kannan, lets be realistic here). But i dont believe he was killed. Must have for Star Wars enthusiasts. How can I be any threat to you?" In what Fisto considered an unnecessary show of Force ability, Vebb parted the dense fog that concealed the gorge, revealing a set of large, vaulted doors set into the rock face. Le Prince et Kit Fisto sont similaires à bien des égards. He is clearly playing with the two of them at times throughout the fight. @sirfizzwhizz: Well, Vader is suppose to be still a wreck, and gains more power in the Movies as they progress than now. Grievous served as the Supreme Commander of the Army of the Confederacy throughout the Clone Wars. In any case, Kit Fisto never stood a chance. @cs_zoltan: From what I've seen it's still not enough to suggest he's a complete tier behind him in skill. The entire order 66 scene should've been so much longer to really put focus on the fact that the Jedi are done. He was not faking IMO. Vader didn't have issues killing Esra and Kanan. The only question left is, why? Fisto had a romantic relationship with Aayla Secura and was a skilled Jedi who survived encounters with Asajj Ventress and General Grievous during the Clone Wars. He ended up in a prison camp, but after aiding in the successful liberation of Dac. @jashro44: Ditto, especially since Vader had disarmed Kanan, lifted him in the air with one hand (having both of Kanan's hands bound) and could have easily impaled him on his lightsaber, but instead, he choose to throw Kanan. TCW gave us more info on those background Jedi over six seasons. Kit Fisto is a skilled Jedi but is NOT at the first tier of skill on levels with the likes of Obi-Wan, Mace-Windu or Darth Vader. He had no qualms about trying to kill Sabine since both his deflected shots smacked her dead in the chest and the head (Mando armor for the win). He quickly dispatched everyone, but kept Windu alive because he wanted to use him as the bait and sacrifice to turn Anakin to the dark side. Or that Vader, despite having Kanan dead to rights and thus easily capable of dispatching them, just couldn't cut it because he didn't have his little blue pill on him? Yes. EDIT: this is the post that shows the "speed", Obviously, someone just sped it up, but you get the picture lol. Bien que ni l’un ni l’autre n’ait le plus d’impact par rapport aux autres princes et Jedi, ce sont tous deux des personnages très emblématiques. 2011-05-01 04:02:32. Then he smiled. His emerald blade shrank away, and the handgrip tumbled from his opening fingers. Depends what you think of as a tier. He held one finger to his lips, and, astonishingly, he winked In the blank second that followed, while Mace Windu and Kit Fisto could do no more than angle their lightsabers to guard, Palpatine swiftly stepped over the bodies back toward his desk, reversed his blade, and drove it in a swift, surgically precise stab down through his desktop. Fisto … He was renowned for not only his power and achievements but also for his humility, for being quite approachable, and for his famous friendly smile. After this battle, Fisto … And one more drawn out lightsabre battle would slow down the story. Press J to jump to the feed. Star Wars Shorts 1: Survival of Kit Fisto Mace Windu and Palpatine passed. Wiki Points. I couldn't feel anything beneath my cut. It was not a good showing. And if you consider the fact that Fisto already had a padawan 9 years before TPM then you see that he probably couldn't improve that much as Kenobi because he is a lot older than him. On a side note, I doubt Luke will be anywhere near this level under Disney canon, given the events of and leading up to Ep VII. getting AT STs dropped on him. As of Revenge of the Sith, he was one of the most skilled Jedi in the order. Only some things in the movie novels are canon. @sirfizzwhizz: Save for the fact only one rebel (Hera) knew where the rebel fleet was. Actually, Vader had no trouble at all. Power gathered around him until the Force shimmered with darkness. He's a master swordsman who is felled in the blink of an eye. @sirfizzwhizz: Actually they tried to explain the same thing I am trying to explain to you now. He still was attacked in a embarrassing way, and could have died if he had not caught the Walkers. How does this go? What am I thinking right now?" Location: Jedi Temple on Coruscant. I end up agreeing with the SW fans in the end. Kit Fisto was one of the characters who was heavily advertised for the original Clone Wars series, which came out well before Episode III. @acer51: Considering he's already fought Obi-Wan to a standstill that would be incorrect to say he's a tier behind him. Klónháborúk. He quickly ev… kit fisto endures a grueling battle in the lair of general grievous. 1 Biography 1.1 Early life 1.2 Clone … As most of you know in the movie palpatine kills Kit Fisto. Kit did more in the Novel than what is shown in the film though. He quickly dispatched everyone, but kept Windu alive because he wanted to use him as the bait and sacrifice to turn Anakin to the dark side. Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Returns & Orders. I was pointing out Vader was pretty weak up till New Hope, a total shadow of his former self. Kit Fisto endures a grueling battle in the lair of General Grievous. Vebb was the Padawan of Jedi Master Kit Fisto prior to the Revent Universe Clone Wars but with the outbreak of the war, Fisto became a Jedi General in the Grand Army of the Republic and was unable to see Vebb's apprenticeship through to the end. However, in the movie, the duel is over by the time Anakin arrives, whereas in the novel Anakin watches them fight.

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