Greg Alves Continues His Campaign For A Cure

Greg Alves And Wendy Alves

“Each year my wife Wendy Alves and I sit down with a stack of charitable donation requests and do our best to determine where our support will actually do the most good for everyone” said Greg Alves. “One of the few things we are certain about, right from the start, is that the National MS Society will be part of our plans. They really do a terrific job of putting resources to use and the results they achieve each year speak to the value a contribution can have on the lives of so many in distress.”

Greg AlvesĀ is an angel investor and entrepreneur with a long track record of charitable action. While he is always quick to defer attention away from himself in an attempt to refocus the conversation onto the charities themselves, we believe it is vital to spotlight the important efforts of Mr. Alves and his wife Wendy because their determination and persistence is something that creates a good deal of momentum as others follow their lead.

To learn more about this important cause, or to volunteer your time and support please visit the National MS Society website to see when a WALK MS event is coming to your local area or to begin the groundwork needed to create one during the next calendar year.

“Individual donations of time and effort don’t need to be as large as the impact that Greg Alves makes each year to also make a real difference” said Wendy Alves, “because when it comes to charitable action, it’s about what we all do together far more than what any one of us could ever accomplish on our own.”

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