Thomas Tona Helps People Battle Serious Illnesses With Live To Fight

Thomas Tona Law

In 2001, Mr. Tona formed the Law Office of Thomas Tona, P.C. and so he knows quite a bit about taking action to put up a good fight when a worthy cause presents itself. Now he is expanding his own charitable actions to include the battle against serious illness by supporting, a local charity based on Long Island, New York that raises money and offers additional support for people in the martial arts and mixed martial arts community who are suffering from life threatening illnesses.

“Funds will be raised by offering various events for the general martial arts/MMA community including benefit instructional seminars led by professional fighters and high level martial artists and an annual MMA fashion show” according to the charity website, and that kind of close-knit community has a particular appeal to Mr. Tona.

“I’ve been an avid mixed martial arts fan, and martial arts practitioner for many years and I have seen first hand what kind of great work this organization does for people at the grass roots level” said Tona. “It’s not about fanfare and rhetoric – it’s all about actually rolling your sleeves up and helping people with real world solutions that make life easier for many in need.”

As an attorney there are many ways to right wrongs and overcome injustices, but when it comes to the battle against serious illness, there isn’t anyone at fault. That’s why a concerted effort backed by many people like Thomas Tona means so much to the millions of people fighting hard every day to live with, overcome terrible illnesses one and for all.

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