Jerome Montigny Gives Back By Teaching How To Move Forward

Jerome Montigny

Business Strategist and renowned branding coach Jérôme Montigny has also made a name for himself among philanthropists with his tireless efforts to assist people who happen to be less fortunate. Best known for his donations of time and money to organizations designed to help people reach new heights of personal growth, Mr. Montigny believes in empowering people and providing the kind of support that helps many to prosper by amplifying the work they do to help themselves overcome the challenges many face.

As an early adopter of the The Tony Robbins Foundation Jerome has championed the same sort of achievement focused approach that Mr. Robbins has made famous for the last two decades.

“What I have always respected about Tony Robbins the most is the fact that his efforts start with a genuine belief that with the right mindset anyone can actually help themselves, and that sort of personal empowerment does so much more than any hand-out ever could,” explained Mr. Montigny. “It’s one thing to give a person a fish so that they can eat, it’s something so much more powerful to teach a person how to fish so that they can eat with the satisfaction of knowing they have been able to catch a fish with their own abilities.”

Beyond The Tony Robbins Foundation, Jerome Montigny has also shown a willingness to leverage his key connections to a wide range of important social media influencers and brand ambassadors as part of his efforts to build opportunities for everyone. His work with the International Basket Brigade and the Global Youth Leadership movement have extended the power of the prestigious luxury brands he works with to gain traction with millions of consumers while also being able to give back to communities around the world in ways that profoundly impact the lives of so many people who would otherwise be left to face dire challenges on their own.

“Working with so many entrepreneurs that want a luxury lifestyle or have a message to share and want to impact a lot of people, or are champions who want to overcome challenges to establish a new record for growth in important ways that impact society as a whole gives me a unique point of view on philanthropy,” said Mr. Montigny. “I believe those of us who have the opportunity to do so much for ourselves, benefit greatly when we step outside of ourselves to help others. It informs our own perspective and allows us to reach out beyond the confines of our own contact lists to connect with a much wider array of human potential.”

For true philanthropists like Jerome Montigny, “Lifting up so many other people who you do not know directly, in essence is the best way to lift yourself up along with everyone in your own personal social network as well,” he added. “When I see someone I’ve never met personally, overcome their struggles, smiling and prospering because of things I have done anonymously, that’s the greatest feeling of luxury and accomplishment imaginable.”