Mask Up: Mally Mall Is Back In Action After Overcoming Covid-19

Mally Mall and Blac Chyna

July 21st, 2020

The virus is real and it is already having a very significant impact on the hip hop community, delaying new releases from major artists and causing serious health concerns for the entire jet-set crew. If you’ve been following Mally Mall on Instagram or this website you already know that most artists are currently unable to travel, which makes collaborating together more challenging as well.

Now, due to his desire to be active in the community helping others, Mally Mall became ill with Covid-19 but don’t worry, he is already on the mend and back in action.

He knew there were dangers to personally participating in the important charity work being done to help LA Homeless surviving corona virus, and in some of his other endeavors to ease the burden of others, but Mally Mall is never the type to sit on the sidelines when he could be bringing a more positive outcome for those around him.

“The last 7-10 days were rough, but it’s like anything else, if you live healthy, listen to the doctors and do what’s right, you can get through Corona,” said Mally Mall. “Spreading that message of hope is something I believe the world needs more of right now, and having been through it myself, I plan to work with other artists to help people get the information they need to stay safe out there too.”

There has been a whole lot of chatter in the media and confusing statements from politicians about some of the simplest safety measures. Many have put others at risk by reporting inaccurate science. Some things as simple as just wearing a mask when you are out can greatly reduce the chance you get or transmit Covid-19.

In the very near future you can expect new releases from top artists like Blac Chyna and many others Mally Mall is currently working with, and a shared message of hope, unity and health coming at you in a time when the world needs superstars to align their voices in positive ways. Stay Strong, together we will overcome the corona virus and be back to partying full speed ahead very soon!