Michael Bloomberg Provided 1.1 Billion Dollars in Funds For Johns Hopkins University

Michael Bloomberg Philanthropy

Once an ordinary student from Medford, Massachusetts, now a world famous billionaire. His history of philanthropy and lengthy political service, Michael R. Bloomberg changed his world view and his future while attendingĀ  Johns Hopkins University. He became the president of his fraternity, the senior class and the council overseeing Greek life. That path lead him to eventually build a multi-billion dollar business and to become Mayor of the City of New York.

Unlike many others who graduate without any gratitude toward the university, Mr. Bloomberg began donating by sending a five dollar donation the first year after he graduated. As his own personal fortune grew, so did his donations. Recently the university announced that Mr. Bloomberg has made another 350 million dollar contribution to his alma mater, raising his own personal donations over the last forty years to 1.1 billion dollars in total.

What does he ‘get out of it’ and why would he give away so much money? Critics who blame him for everything from a soda size ban to his efforts to prevent cigarette smoking are quick to find fault, but even they must agree that when it comes to philanthropy, Michael Bloomberg is a monumental contributor to worthy causes.